We have been outfitting rafting adventures continuously on the Salmon River for 57 years.  During that time we have had the opportunity to run virtually all the major whitewater rivers in the West plus wild rivers in other countries.  We have stayed on the Salmon River because we feel that it is the very best whitewater river in the West and we ought to know.  We have been doing this longer than most of today’s rafters have been alive.

The Best 5 day 4 night wilderness rafting trip in the West


Come let Action Whitewater Adventures share with you the experience of a life time for 5 days on the

Salmon River. We have been perfecting our trips for 57 years and that experience and quest for

excellence insures that your Salmon River trip will be a never forgotten cherished memory.

We appreciate you for providing our family the vacation of a lifetime!  Your experienced staff made us feel welcome and safe at all times.  We also like to comment on the fact that we were very nervous about the safety of our children on this trip.  I have to say that there was not a time during our adventure that we worried about the kids.  All your guides were fantastic with the children.  They made sure that life jackets were on at all times, and they were tightened properly.  They even made sure the kids had on enough sun screen and water to drink!  By the second day, my husband and I were in different boats!  Now that is saying something! Relaxing walks are the word of the day.

The Roe Family

Days until the best family vacation